Crochet Mesh Loop Triangle Scarf

Today i am releasing one of my most popular crochet patterns of all time! As some of you may know i used to just sell my crochet patterns as PDF files only and this is where this pattern originally comes from.

I have updated this pattern but only slightly as it needed a little tweak here and a little tweak there and here it is TADA! I have a slight obsession with anything that has fringe on it so this was a perfect pattern for me to design, this pattern is a loop scarf so if you would like me to write up a pattern for a mesh triangle shawl just let me know, as i am sure i would have some spare yarn somewhere (wink wink)

For this pattern i updated it by using Cascade 220 which can be purchased here* if you have never used this wool before you may be slightly annoyed with yourself as this comes in soooo many beautiful colours and is very durable and so easy to work with! I will definitely write a review for this at a later date so you can read my full honest opinion on it. 

If you would like the ad free version of this pattern then you can purchase it from Etsy Here.


HOOK - 9mm crochet hook
YARN - Cascade 220* Colourway - Straw - 300 yards


Circumference - 24 inches
Length - 21.5 inches - Excluding Fringe - 30 inches - Including fringe

Before making a slip knot, leave a long tail between 10.5-11 inches to blend in with fringe.

R1. Ch4 (turning chain also counts as 1dc) 1dc in 4th ch from hook, work (ch1, 1dc) 2 times in the same ch as first dc, turn (4dc + 3 ch1)

R2. Ch4 (counts as 1dc, ch1 from here and throughout unless otherwise stated) 1dc in very first dc, ch1, work (1dc, ch1) in next 2dc, work (1dc, ch1, 1dc) in top of turning ch from previous row, turn (6dc + 5 Ch1)

R3. Ch4, 1dc in very first dc, ch1 * 1dc in next dc, ch1 * Repeat across to
turning ch, work (1dc, ch1, 1dc) in 3rd ch of turning ch, turn (8dc + 7ch1)

R4-R24. Repeat row 3 (50dc + 49ch1)

Do not fasten off, bring the top corners of the triangle together and slip stitch to join.

You will now be working in the round:

R25-R26. Ch4 (counts as 1dc, ch1) work (1dc, ch1) in each dc around, join with a slip stitch to 3rd ch of starting ch4 (50dc + 49ch1)

R27. Ch1 (does not count as a stitch) 1sc in first dc, work 1sc in each dc around skipping all the ch1 spaces, join with a slip stitch to beg sc (50sc)

Fasten off and weave in ends.

I would love to your finished mesh triangle scarf, tag me on social media @cherryblossomcrochetblog

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